Site Safety is established with a clear understanding of the MGISECURE Program:

As a means to maintain and control secure workplaces, we have implemented MGISECURE, our unique program which addresses all safety and training issues from the moment of award until the final project closeout. We created this acronym to use as a simple yet effective reminder of how we reinforce the need for safe work practices on every site.

Prior to project commencement, we review the work plan for each job and prepare for its safety requirements. A job hazard analysis is conducted and when the project begins, weekly Tool Box Talks are conducted with all subcontractors. We utilize our proprietary technology system to capture on-site daily activity and each member of our Senior Team holds an OSHA 30 certification.

Stewardship is required and executed by an MGI site safety leader from start to finish.

Education is emphasized with all team members and training ensues on a continuous basis.

Coordination of key practices occurs for on-site Safety Plan.

Unification of all trades to concur on site safety goals.

Regulations that are operational and enforced on each site are discussed with team.

Emergency Actions and plan in reviewed and in place.